Whether you are dipping your toes into Balboa or if you are a seasoned shuffler we’ve got you covered! We have three tracks available in the Balboa Bonanza, just choose what describes your dancing the best during the registration process:

(4 hours of classes | Teachers: Lynn & Stephen )
You have tried a couple of classes on Balboa and can lead a basic here and there, but still feel that your confidence social dancing is not there.

You may have had a fair amount of experience with other dances like Shag and Lindy and want to get more knowledge on what this Balboa business is all about.

Gert Lush
(6 hours of classes | Teachers: Olga & Andreas, Yulia & Sasha)
Social dancing is not a problem for you, you got the ups and down holds sorted out, are comfortable with bal swing moves like the throwout/tossout, and look forward to find ways of building up on those.

Ark at Ee
(6 hours of classes | Teachers: Olga & Andreas, Yulia & Sasha)
You have a decent amount of experience in Balboa, have been to similar festivals, and are confident in all the more intricate moves (swivels, Apache/Texas Tommy, changes of tempo and rhythm) and look forward to push the boundaries of your dancing.