Our closest airport is Bristol Airport (yay!), where you can easily catch the Bristol Flyer bus into town 

Our closest train station is the stunning Bristol Temple Meads, just a short walk away from the city centre 

For a more affordable journey Bristol is also remarkably well connected with a wide range of mid to long distance buses

Please view our venue tab for details on all of the centrally located class and party locations.

Bristol is a very walkable city but we also have local buses and Uber/Ola etc if your bal feet get a bit tired!


We have created the following Facebook group to help you guys find hosting for our event:

Local Bristol dancers are well known by their friendliness and willingness to help, feel free to use this group to either request hosting space or offer any sleeping space you may be happy to offer to a visiting dancer.

Needless to say hosting is not guaranteed, therefore if you are a visititing dancer and want to 100% make sure you have a place to stay we strongly recommend to book in advance one of the accommodation options listed in the following section.


The usual B&B services like airbnb tend to have attractive accommodation offers in Bristol, and there’s also plenty of additional options to choose from, find below the top recommendations based on their Tripadvisor ratings:


B&Bs/Guest House: